Thursday, July 16, 2020

Problems with tools

I noticed that my spell checker was not picking up "Educaiton" as a spelling mistake, which is embarrassing for someone who writes about education. So I checked my personal dictionary. This contained 40 words, some of which are commonly used jargon and technical terms, such as eportfolio,courseware, summative, evaluand, and webinar. But most appear to be misspelled words:
"eportfolio multicolour Dogfood qualifcaiton sourt ephephany sould tesemnt Manditory trhoug summative Clarificative courseware gopvernment Evaluand unioversites practes Educaiton Israle Screencasting schating Februruary suiccesful chocies abourginal phopne evaluability behavour togehter Natuiobnal artificat Unvieristy campcity qulaificaiton issess usefuol spciety webinar chnage lage"

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