Monday, January 3, 2022

Australian Next Generation Graduates Build Underwater Drones for Navy

The CSIRO has invited universities and industry to develop themes for training Next Generation Graduates in artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, quantum computing, blockchain and data. The plan is to have students undertake projects which contribute large multi-disciplinary programs, working on real-world problems, with industry. But, I suggest going further and having students work in teams on projects, not as individuals. That will require some training for the students (and their supervisors), and a change to the usual individual assessment system. Some of the ideas in the ANU TechLauncher program could be used. 

Also I suggest this be done across locations and institutions. By having students work with those in other institutions, in other places, it will provide useful skills, and as a byproduct, provide scope for cross fertilization between institutions. This will not happen by default, as it is hard to do. One think I help with for Techlauncher is have students explain what they have learned at the end of their program, by writing an application for a job, research or start-up grant. 

In terms of projects, I suggest a smart Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV), the size of a Mark 54 Lightweight Torpedo, for the ADF to use for surveillance and attack, implementing ideas from the Navy Warfare Innovation Workshop 2020

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