Thursday, December 10, 2020

Navy Warfare Innovation Workshop 2020

Event canvas from NWIW 2020
by Paul Telling
Greetings from the Navy Warfare Innovation Workshop 2020 (NWIW), where I am facilitating one of the teams. This is the third and final day of the workshop, with Navy personnel joining with people from the defence community and  academia working on an idea. This is much like other hackerthons I have mentored this year, with the added bonus that we can again meet face to face (some teams are online for logistical reasons). 

The teams respond to a scenario, similar in format to one I prepared for ANU students. A visual summary of the projects was produced by Paul Telling. My team came up with TIDE: Threat Identification Detection and Effects for dealing with swarms of RAS (Robotic Autonomous Systems).

Participants use the same techniques as a business start-up competition, refining and presenting an idea, but one to defend the country. A panel of senior defence experts then select which merit further development.

However, the real value of such competitions is not to produce a product, but have the participants learn new skills and meet people they can later work with on projects. 

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