Sunday, January 30, 2022

Mentoring Academic Educators

One of the things which kept me sane through two years of COVID-19 were activities of the professional bodies I belong to (and some I don't. An organisation which managed the pivot online well was ASCILITE (the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education). As well as attending a weekly ML-Sig (Mobile learning Special Interest Group), and presenting papers at two annual online conferences, I mentored an educator from another university in the CMP (ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program). Below is what we wrote in our report, presented at the 2021 conference.

I had mentored individual students and teams before, for startup projects. I had also given one off advice to colleagues (someone times solicited, sometimes not). But this was the first time I had a long term formal mentoring arrangement with a peer. After we were matched up I wondered why I was mentoring someone who had more experience in education than I had, and it turned into an equal exchange of ideas.


  • Mentee: Furthering my academic career through publication
  • Mentor: Decide if I have a future in academia

What We Did

  1. Managed to meet face to face over lunch once in early 2021, between lock-downs
  2. Met twice via Zoom.
  3. Email exchange each month or so.
  4. Once more by lunch in late 2021.

What We Found

Much in common, being experienced educators, not from an academic research background.


  1. Mentee: Goal accomplished, with paper submitted on the the flipped classroom to a journal. Got a new, higher paying, job.
  2. Mentor: Decided I have a future in academia.

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