Monday, September 5, 2022

Bluetooth microphones for low cost team teaching & events audio?

Alead Nolan MIC2
Bluetooth Microphone
Lewinner Lavalier Microphone

Sitting in a meeting discussing ways to provide audio for team teaching and events at universities. Rooms are normally equipped with a couple of microphones for teaching. But for more active classes, and events, there may be a half dozen people speaking. Buying professional grade microphones gets expensive. 

Blue Tooth 5.0 Transmitter
Audio Adapter

There are Bluetooth lapel microphones for around $100. But other small units designed for making ordinary headphones wireless, at about $20.

The output from multiple Bluetooth microphones could be received by a laptop, or tablet computer and combined using a mixer app (with no additional hardware required). Anyone know of such a setup, please let me know. 


  1. I checked with a couple of suppliers of "Bluetooth" microphones. One said their unit only works when paired with their receiver, but this one, said it will work without their receiver:

  2. It turned out the wireless Bluetooth microphone I bought via Ebay doesn't have Bluetooth (the vendor gave me my money back). I guess I could buy a half dozen of these, plug all the receivers into a USB-C hub and hope they sort out the spectrum use themselves, but I don't think it is worth pursuing.