Thursday, September 22, 2022

Why Don't Academics Want to Provide the Education Students Need?

Neil Raven,
In "Why not HE? The reasons those from under-represented backgrounds decide against university", Neil Raven looks at recent research on why low Socioeconomic Status background (SES) students are underrepresented at university. But I suggest the studies perhaps show a need for research into those providing the education, as much as those seeking it.

The research shows that, as expected, those from less wealthy backgrounds want to get a qualification for a job quickly, and are interested therefore in forms of apprenticeship, where they can work and study at the same time. It is good to have one's personal experience validated by research (I am from a low SES background), but I suggest the research needs to go further and look at why HE is not routinely providing the form of education the students want.

The idea that students want vocationally orientated, part-time, off-campus education appears to be treated as an embarrassment, and inconvenience, by many academics. On-campus graduate research is what they focus on, plus some full time, on-campus students to help pay the bills, and to provide future researchers. But why is this? It is simply self interest, or are there deeper reason for the disconnect with what the customer wants? I suggest this is a fruitful area for research.

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