Thursday, June 29, 2023

Australian Universities in Top Tier for Work in Singapore Excludes Adelaide

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower has included seven of Australia's top universities in their top tier for work passes in the COMPASS Program, due to take effect in September. Graduates of these universities get twice as many points as others, towards a work pass in Singapore.  
  1. Australian National University, 
  2. University of Melbourne Australia, 
  3. University of New South Wales, 
  4. University of Queensland, 
  5. University of Sydney, 
  6. University of Western Australia.
These are seven out of the eight universities in Australia's Group of Eight leading universities. Missing from Singapore's list is the University of Adelaide, which comes lowest of the eight on global rankings. However, it should be noted that the ranking systems tend to be skewed towards research quality, and have little to do with the quality of education provided. Singapore's use of these rankings is questionable, unless the workers are being recruited for research jobs, not business, or industry. 

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