Thursday, July 13, 2023

Supporting diverse graduate career pathways through AI

Chapter Zoom Meeting
Greetings from "Supporting diverse graduate career pathways" at the NSW/ACT ACEN Chapter, and "The Re-Conception of AI and Robotics as Complementary Artefact Intelligence and Augmented Capability" by Roger Clarke at ANU. I am actually sitting in the seminar room at ANU, where Roger is presenting. That is also going out on Zoom, but I am listing to the ACEN seminar instead. This is because they happen to be on at the same time. Perhaps because I have been reading a book by William Gibson, and think I can mash these up. ;-)

Rodger is taking AI back to first principles ( see the the slide-set). The main point is that AI should complement human effort, rather than replace it: Augmented Intelligence.

ACEN's discussion is around how we prepare students for a career which may not be based on a few long term permanent jobs. Obviously a career may be even less certain due to AI, but perhaps we can design AI to work with the graduates, and train the graduates to be able to use it.

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