Thursday, July 13, 2023

Weaponized AI Countermeasures

This is to suggest the Australian Government invest $100M in an institute for developing weaponized AI countermeasures. One area for research will be automated real-time fact-checking. Generative AI has the capability to create fake text, image, audio, and video content. This can be used to spread confusion and destabilize a country. There may not be time for manual fact checking to determine what is fake and put out alternative views, or have the offending material taken down, and there might not be enough information specialists available to manually handle the volume of fake news. The Institute would develop tools to identify, check, debunk, and respond to fake news automatically. Within microsecods of a fake news item appearing, a response and take-down notices would be issued. Where authorized, the fake content would be modified and reissued, to undermine the credibility of the adversary.

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