Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Using Generative AI for Education

Greetings from the Melbourne Convention Center, where EdutTech 2023 just started. This is a big conference with many streams, covering pre-school to professional development. One big question being asked, and perhaps answered, throughout many of the streams, is what do we do about generative AI? First up is Dan Hickmott with "Grok Academy - Unlocking the power of Generative AI in education".

A very useful technique is being used for the introduction of the workshop. The presenter is getting us to do paper based exercises, then demonstrating the AI equivalent. This avoids getting lost in the mechanics of the tool, and instead explore the concepts by which it works. One issue being explored is the bias built into the tools, due to the bias in the text it was trained on. What I find interesting is what the tools might tell us about ourselves. 

If you are in Melbourne, there is still time to come along to the free trade show with talks, or the paid conference. I am on Friday morning speaking on "Projects & internships for student employability". 

ps: I never thought "Go the Newcastle Knights", would be in an AI talk

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