Friday, February 9, 2024

Meet my AI alter ego

Phillip Parannik, and Finn Johnson
At day 2 of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative Asia Pacific Community Symposium we have been learning how to create AI characters to be used as tutors, & simulated clients for students. I was very skeptical of the idea, but in a few minutes I created "Tom", a simulation of me, for teaching computer students. I can now retire. ;-)

This is using Inworld, which was originally created for use in computer games, but is now being used for teaching. The workshop is being run by Phillip Parannik, and Finn Johnson from University of Sydney. The process was very much simpler than the last workshop on AI tutors I took part in, 2018.

If anyone in Canberra would ;like a system built with this, the ANU computer project students could help. 

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