Thursday, February 8, 2024

The Fear of Failure & TBL

Greetings from the first workshop at Team-Based Learning Collaborative Asia Pacific Community Symposium. This is using Intedashboard software and ChatGPT. Something which slowly dawned on me during the morning session was that the medical educators were using Team Based Learning (TBL) not as a general term for learning in teams, but a very specific methodology. I felt a bit like the student who was not told there was to be a test.  At the start of the workshop we were asked to lo into Intedashboard, and was immediately asked a question I didn't understand, at which point I had the unprepared student panic. Having recovered from this I struggled with some of the acronyms MCQ (multiple choice questions), ILO (no idea). 

The workshop was modeled on TBL, and this was a familiar format for me. What I found fascinating were examples of giving ChatGPT very complex requests to create course material. Doing this never occurred to me, no more so that I would get a random person off the street and ask them to do so. Habitually I would consider the qualifications and experience of any person, company or organisation. But ChatGPT is essentially a black box. 

As a team we then used ChatGPT to create objectives for a learning exercise. It was interesting to see the range of experience with ChatGPT, with some participants having never used it, while others routinely used it to create course content. My team got a bit naughty, asking ChatGPT to write the evaluation of what we thought of ChatGPT. Another team accidentally ended up with a rubric for assessing learning objectives. One team found what ChatGPT too wordy, but another went further and told it to be less wordy, which it then was.

In terms of a TBL exercise I found this like the previous development exercises. The first is the worry of getting the software used to work. The next is how rushed everything seems to be. There is then the worry of getting the exercise done in time. My approach would always be to produce a draft answer, then refine it. However, that is an approach difficult to get a group to do. 

ps: One use for ChatGPT I hadn't thought of was suggested b y one of our team: planning an itinerary for a trip. 

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