Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Break Into University Teaching

Just had a message from someone in the IT industry: "I'm interested in exploring an opportunities that may exist to lecture at ANU ... Do you know how I would go about making this happen?". The easiest way is to know someone and have an existing track record. In this case the person has a Masters from ANU in the relevant discipline. This makes it easier as they not only know the topic, they know people in the Department. I suggested they contact the relevant Professor and say they were available. The other thing to do is to sign up for some teacher training. University departments run short training sessions in tutoring, as well as longer courses on education. Unlike the vocational education sector and schools, there are no formal educational qualifications required for lecturing, but it does help. Universities generally run an introductory course (equivalent to one semester unit) and a postgraduate certificate course (equivalent to one semester full time).

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