Saturday, July 20, 2013

Master of Education in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation

Having completed the Australian National University (ANU) Certificate in Higher Education, my intimidate task is to apply what I have learned to help individual academics and universities with e-learning. This new blog, Higher Education Whisperer, is part of that.

Also I am looking for a Masters in Education to undertake. Unfortunately ANU discontinued theirs before I could enroll. But Charles Sturt University (CSU) have a new one which looks interesting, in "Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation)". Courses include:
  1. INF532 Knowledge Networking for Educators
  2. INF533 Literature in Digital Environments
  3. INF535 Information Flow and Advanced Search
  4. INF536 Designing Spaces for Learning
  5. INF541 Game Based Learning
  6. ETL411 ICT for Innovative Practice
  7. ETL402 Literature in Education
  8. ETL523 Digital Citizenship in Schools
  9. INF506 Social Networking for Information Professionals
  10. INF443 Digital Preservation
  11. EER500 Introduction to Educational Research
  12. ESC515 Classroom Technologies


  1. CSU offered an Information Webinar on their "Master of Education in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation". After registering I discovered this required the Citrix "GoToWebinar" software. Citrix do not support their webinar product under Linux so I canceled my attendance at the webinar. As it seems likely CSU also use the Citrix GoToMeeting product for their coruses and this doesn't owrk under Linux either, I have reluctantly decided to exclude CSU from the list of universities I am considering studying at. If CSU are so rigid as to not permit Linux software, then it is likely that there is a lack of flexibility in other aspects of their program.

  2. Hey. I too am looking at the Master Of Ed through CSU. Did you find a viable alternative?

  3. Simon, as I was particularly interested in distance education I applied to do the Master of Education in Distance Education at Athabasca University (Canada). They don't accept enrollments until March 2014, so I am doing the first course "Introduction to Distance Education and Training" (MDDE 601) as a professional development course in first semester 2014 . So far I have been impressed the introductory module to being a student is good. Also I was impressed that the textbooks arrived on my doorstep by courier weeks before the course was due to start (the third textbook is on-line).