Friday, May 11, 2018

Training for Australia's Offensive Cyber Capability

In the Australian Strategic Policy Institute paper "Australia's Offensive Cyber Capability" ( May 2018), Fergus Hanson an Tom Uren, ask how to build and use the capability. Part of this is simply having trained IT professionals, in and out of uniform available. As well as running courses in "Defensive Cyber Security Operations" (COMP3701), the Australian National University also offerers "Offensive Cyber Security Operations" (COMP3702):
"Offensive Cyber Security operations introduces and exercises a complete range of reverse engineering techniques and attack patterns. Students will also learn and exercise analysis of systems based on minimal information. This is a complete course in cyber attacks which enables students on successful completion to identify and test systems for vulnerabilities without full knowledge or direct access."
As part of the ethics training for ANU IT students I offer a hypothetical on Cyber Warfare over the South China Sea.

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