Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Report of the Australian Parliament Inquiry into school to work transition

The Australian House of Representatives Inquiry into school to work transition has issued the report "Unique Individuals, Broad Skills" (30 May 2018). The report has missed that vocational education, university and other  higher education, along with much secondary education is moving online.

The report mentions online education once, with reference to apprenticeships, but does not discuss the implications for education. This is a little like discussing the future of the taxi or accommodation industries without mentioning Uber or Airbnb. Hopefully the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers (which I am talking to Monday) will not make this mistake.

Recommendation 5 refers to the education of teachers, but could be applied to any vocationally related program:
"... accrediting programs, higher education providers be required to be able to demonstrate that their programs have evidence-based pedagogical approaches, effective integration of professional experience, rigorous and iterative assessment of pre-service teachers throughout their education, and final assessments that ensure pre-service teachers are classroom ready."
One interesting set of statistics in Figure 4.1 (page 75) has the  percentage of post school pathway for 2016 students. The largest is 69% going to university versus TAFE, college and apprenticeships at 21%. I suggest the latter needs to be higher.


Terms of Reference
List of Recommendations
  1. Introduction
  2. Teaching and teachers
  3. Measurements of gain in school
  4. Opportunities to better inform and support students in relation to post-school education and training
  5. Students with disability
A. Submissions
B. List of hearings and witnesses

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