Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Secure Information Architecture for Information Warfare

Greetings from the National Pres Club In Canberra, where Dr Asif Gill is speaking on "Secure information architecture: security by design". Dr Gill is describing the strategy and architecture needed to get from the current insecure state of an IT system to the desired more secure state.

Dr Gill is describing a defensive strategy however, it occurs to me that the same approach could be used for thinking about offensive operations, where the desired state is less secure for your opponent.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy
This is my second security presentation for the day. The Minister for Foreign Affairs recently opened Australia's Diplomatic Academy. The Academy's impressive new premises are a short walk  from the Press Club. Today the Academy hosted a presentation by the Australian National University's National Security College on The New Weapons: Propaganda, Misinformation and Fake News. This is the topic of an ANU short course starting next week.

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