Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ANU Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education Certificate

ANU TEL ED HE Certificate awarded to Tom WorthingtonThis week I received my ANU Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education Certificate. This required completing ten short online "ANU Coffee Courses" and a 500 word reflection. As with previous such courses I found the difficult part was to keep up the work week after week and then try to make sense of it all in the reflection. This was a pilot program and there may be some changes before it is offered more widely.

The notes from the ANU Coffee Courses are available online. Here are the ones I completed:

Code Course Length
AOC003 Engaging students online 1.5 Hours
AOC004 Open Educational Practice 2 Hours
AOC006 Enhancing your lectures 2 Hours
AOC007 Virtual Reality-Imagining new educational reality 2 Hours
AOC008 Video in Teaching and Learning: Why video? 2 Hours
AOC009 Video in Teaching and Learning: Creating videos 2 Hours
AOC010 Open Education: From Resources to Practice 2 Hours
AOC011 Build your researcher profile 1 Hour
AOC012 Getting Started with ePortfolios 1.5 Hours
AOC013 Fostering student wellbeing 1 Hour
AOC014 Deep and Interactive Learning in lectures 1 Hour
AOC015 Group and collaborative learning 2 Hours
AOC017 Peer assessment and feedback 1 Hour
AOC018 Designing Online Learning Environments 1 Hour

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