Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Learning to use new tech-infused teaching spaces

The control console for an Australian National University flat floor classroom.
ANU "TechLauncher"
in flat floor classroom.
I will be taking part in a discussion of "Learning to use new  tech-infused teaching spaces" at EduBuild 2018 in Singapore, 10 October, 11:10 am and 11:55 am. This is a new part of the annual EduTech conference, focusing on classroom design and use. For this I will relate my ANU experience.
"Teachers and students will need to learn to use new flexible classrooms.

This will require blending the physical spaces with online tools and techniques. Both staff and students will need to work together, with team teaching and group learning.
  1. How do we get teachers to use these new spaces for more than old fashioned "chalk and talk"
  2. How can physical spaces be integrated with flipped, blended and online courses?
  3. How can these spaces fostering student engagement?
  4. How do these spaces promote collaborative and peer learning?
  5. What curriculum changes are needed to promote effective use of new teaching spaces?
  6. Can the new teaching spaces also be innovation centers?
  7. Do teachers, and university academics, need new formal qualifications to teach in these spaces?"
ps: The day before at EduBuild I will be speaking on "Decreasing Campus Energy Use With Flexible Classrooms and e-Learning".

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