Friday, January 25, 2019

Blended Learning for the Indo-Pacific in Sydney 4 February

I will be speaking on "Blended Learning for the Indo-Pacific", at the ACEN WIL Snapshots Second Chance Conference in Sydney, 4 February. This event is a chance to hear presentations on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) from recent conferences. It is free for those at member institutions.

Topics and speakers:
  1. Reimagining WIL in the Innovative Research Universities, Amani Bell
  2. A holistic approach to evaluating an institution-wide WIL program, Kate Lloyd, Anna Rowe, Cherie Nay, Lucy Corrigan
  3. WIL to scale, Mita Das, Phil Laufenberg
  4. Impacting the curriculum: An institution wide approach to embedding career development learning, Bonnie Dean, Tracey Glover-Chambers, Venkata Yanamandran, Michelle Eady, Tracey Moroney, Nuala O’Donnell
  5. EfS@Mq Education: Fostering creative
    approaches to sustainability cross-curriculum
    priority in teacher education, Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen, Wendy Goldstein, Kathleen McLachlan, Thelma Raman
  6. A NSW regional school and university partnership: reconceptualising reciprocity in initial teacher education professional experience, Deb Clarke, Matthew Winslade
  7. Development of a WIL rubric to facilitate identification and mapping of WIL activities in science courses, Christopher Jones, Thomas Millar, Jo-Anne Chuck
  8. Are science academics on the same page as
    society for a new future of work?, Jo-Anne Chuck, Felicity Blackstock, Thomas Millar, Christopher Jones
  9. Exploring the role of WIL in developing professional networking capabilities for career development, Denise Jackson, Ruth Bridgestock, Kate Lloyd
  10. Internships: A case for a pre-internship preparation programme (PIPP) for accounting students, Mark Hughes, Greg Boland, Iwona
  11. Debriefing the shapeshifter: How practitioners conceptualise debriefing for Work-Integrated Learning, Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Anna Rowe
  12. Bringing theory to life: Using WIL to motivate Commitment and master complexity, Lisa Anderson, John Burke
  13. Reflection for learning as a quality framework for WIL, Marina Harvey , Kate Lloyd, Kath McLachlan, Anne-Louise Semple, Greg Walkerden
  14. Ethnography in work integrated learning, research, Bonnie Dean
  15. Blended Learning for the Indo-Pacific, Tom Worthington

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