Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Chat Show Format for Live-from-the-Classroom Events?

Frankly set, ABC TV, 2022
Recently I attended a recording of ABC TV's Frankly chat show. This got me thinking that the same studio layout, and format, could be used for hybrid delivery of learning. Frankly uses a standard chat show format: the host sits stage left, with space for four guests beside them. There is a flat area in front for a couple of rows of small tables for audience members who will appear in reaction shots. The rest of the audience are in theatre seating behind. ABC TV use movable cameras with operators. For education we could make do with fixed, voice operated cameras, preset on the presenter positions, and audience.

This room setup would combine features of the flexible flat floor classroom, with those of a traditional lecture theatre. It could be implemented by removing some rows of seating in a fixed lecture theatre, and more easily in rooms with retractable seating, by partial retraction, leaving enough space for tables. The idea is to provide a more interactive up-front (literally) experience for those students who want it, while those who prefer to sit back can. It will also provide a more lively experience for students participating online in real time, and those watching the recording later.

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