Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Follow-the-sun for Global e-Learing

One of the frustrations with live "webinars" when they are run and how the time is specified. North American run events tend to be at times which are inconvenient for the Australia/East Asian region. As an example an event at 11am from Los Angeles is at  4am in Canberra.

Some events use the "Follow-the-sun" approach, with three centres equally spaced around the world, who take turns to run the event during their daytime. One was the 2012 Online Learning Futures Festival, from Australia, Europe and North America.

I am a member of the Sahana Software Foundation, based in Sri Lanka and California, with members all over the world. Sahana run each monthly "Community Call" twice, at 0200 UTC (12 Noon in Canberra) and 2000 UTC (1pm in California), to accommodate most of the world.

Also Sahana advise the time in UTC, so there is no confusion. Many event organizers give local time with a cryptic time zone code, or none at all.

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