Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Masters in On-line Distance Education

Having completed the ANU Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, I thought I would look at enrolling in a Masters in Higher Education specializing in on-line techniques. Unfortunately I can't articulate to the ANU Masters in HE, as that has been discontinued. As I had already completed two courses from their program I looked at the USQ Master of Education. However, it appears to be aimed at school teachers, rather than higher education (I was told I had to complete a Bachelor of Education first). There is an interesting new CSU Master of Education in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation, but this looks like it is designed for teacher librarians, with limited computer knowledge. At this point it occurred to me that I could look at programs offered by universities in other countries as I would obviously studying distance education techniques via the Internet.

The obvious first choice is the Open University MA in Online and Distance Education. The techniques I routinely use for on-line teachings were derived from OU. However, it is very difficult to work out if someone in Australia can even enroll at OU (I sent a query and received no reply).

The next obvious choice is the Athabasca University Master of Education in Distance Education. Athabasca offer an on-line course I designed: Green ICT Strategies. So they obviously have an approach to distance education I am comfortable with. Also Athabasca's enrollment process is a little easier to follow than OU.

If anyone has experience as a Masters student of On-line Higher Education and would like to share your experience, that would be useful


  1. I completed the Master of Education in Distance Education (MEd DE) at Athabasca University in November 2016.

  2. In 2021, Athabasca University renamed their Master of Education in "Distance Education" to be in "Open, Digital and Distance Education". So I got a new certificate.