Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Skills for University Tutors

As part of the Vocational Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, I was required to learn how to prepare Work-based Learning Pathways. At the time I was looking at what training university tutors received, so I prepared a work-based learning pathway for an ANU computer science tutor. This was an interesting exercise in seeing what training was available from the university and if  vocational e-leaning modules could be used to supplement this. Also it was interesting to see if the vocational approach made sense in a university environment. Overall it worked reasonably well.

It would be interesting to see if the training which early career academics (ECAs) receive could be structured in such a way that they receive both a university and vocational qualification. That is the student would receive a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, plus do extra study for a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, so they were qualified to teach in universities and TAFEs.


Graduate Students Tutoring Undergraduates in Computer Science

Workplace: ANU

Name of employee/s: Graduate Students Tutoring Undergraduates in Computer Science

Learning goals:
  • Run tutorial groups and workshops. Administer the course website.
  • Maintain student records for the course.
  • Assist with teaching in tutorials and workshops. Undertake assessment of assignments
Benchmark/units of competency
Instructions to facilitator: This learning pathway documents the recommended learning pathway for graduate students tutoring undergraduates.

Please note:
  1. This will need tailoring for individual tutors. It is expected the graduate students have necessary technical knowledge of computer science topics and be familiar with HTML, but have limited presentation skills and little or no teaching experience.
  2. Tutors will need to make a presentation and assist with a tutorial before doing so on their own.
Tutors will need “tutor” access to the Learning Management System.

Development Plan


Skills and knowledge to be developedLearning activity and recommended strategyFacilitatorCostSequence/
Agreed Completion Dates
Run tutorial groups and workshops.
  • Attend introductory university on-line course on small group learning.
  • Prepare and present to the group of tutors.
CECS Educational Development Group 3 hoursDay 1Day 1
Administer the course website. ANU Library and Central Wattle Training3.5 HoursDay 2Day 2
Maintain student records for the course. ANU Division of Registrar & Student Services3 HoursDay 3Day 3
Undertake assessment of assignments ANU Academic Skills & Learning Centre3 Hours3 HoursDay 4

Implications for the workplace: Face-to-face workshops may take months to schedule and so would be better if this was organized the semester before the tutor is to start work.

Assessment methods: Student to keep a journal using ANU Mahara e-portfolio system to document learning. Experienced tutor to provide feedback on this.

Support needs: Student will need to be paid 12.5 hours for the training. Experienced tutor will need to be paid to undertake the coaching (3 hours).

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