Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Online Courses from Chinese Universities

The website (translation) is offering free online courses. The initiative is from Tsinghua University in the Haidian District of Beijing, with technical support from their Department of Computer Science and Technology, using the EdX platform. Tsinghua University joined the edX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) consortium in May 2013 (my own university ANU joined edX in February 2013). Tsinghua is offering a mix of its own courses and ones from edX partners, such as MIT. Many of the courses are on computer science and engineering, but there is also "Antiques and Cultural China" and a course on producing MOOCs. While the information about the courses is offered in Chinese and English, it is not clear which language the courses will be offered in.
  • Overview:  This course will take you into the various faculties Tsinghua help you understand their characteristics, training objectives, research, student life, and many other aspects of employment destination.  
  • X 6_002x Circuits and Electronics (Circuits and Electronics): 6.002x teaches the fundamentals of circuit and electronic analysis. MITx MITx 01718330X computer-aided translation theory and practice ➔ Teach the basic concepts of computer-assisted translation technologies , and a variety of assisted translation tools, principles and use , training students in technical translation work environment and other types of language services the ability to work and to help students understand the language of the era of information services work . P
  • MOOC101 MOOCs Production and Operations: MOOCs ( massively open online courses ) , is currently the hottest education wording . This course will take you recognize MOOCs, and understand their basic means of production and operations and methods of skills.
  • 00690242_1X Antiques and Cultural China:  This course isTsinghua a boutique heritage as an introduction , the academia to explore the process of Chinese civilization as a clue to introduce the ancient Chinese in the shipbuilding , jade and many other areas of outstanding achievement , students can take to get a full range of cultural China , intuitive and in-depth understanding of.
  • 20220332_1X Circuit Schematics: Electric circuit theory is the most important one professional basic course , follow the courses are built on top of this course knowledge is power class undergraduate "housekeeping lesson ." Tsinghua Tsinghuacircuit theory course provides students with a solid foundation and rich applications .
  • 80000901_1X Chinese Architectural History:  Chinese history, there have been many great cities , but also left a seat beautiful magnificent architectural masterpiece . A variety of building types , construction technology and aesthetic pursuit have reached a very high level , and has a self-contained and create methods and architectural theory.
  • 80512073X Financial Analysis and Decision-making: This course in financial language deconstruction enterprise value creation process , helping learners to understand the various factors that affect the value creation , the establishment of financial thinking, and have to be used in commercial decisions. TsinghuaX 
  • 30240184_1X Data Structures: This course is designed around the various design and implementation of data structures , revealing the law of which principles and methods techniques ; while for algorithm design and performance analysis , to enable students to understand and grasp the main routine and means

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