Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Designing an Undergraduate Course on ICT Sustainability: Part 4 - What to Call the Course

In Part 3 I looked at the Learning Objectives for a course in ICT Sustainability. But should the course be called "ICT Sustainability"? The SFIA Foundation (2015) does not use the term "ICT Sustainability", but do use the terms "Sustainability strategy", "Sustainability management", "Sustainability assessment" and "Sustainability engineering".

The European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge (for the EU by Capgemini Consulting and Ernst & Young, 2015), refers to "Environmental and sustainability issues (Energy Informatics and /or Green IT)". The term "sustainable" is only used with reference to development ("sustainable development") not environmental issues. The "ACM/IEEE CS Computer ScienceCurricula 2013" refers to "green computing" and "Sustainability ... social and environmental impacts of computer use and disposal (e-waste)". 

Based on this I propose to name the course "Green IT: Evaluating and reducing computer energy use, carbon emissions and e-waste".

I then have to come up with a short description of the course:

"Green IT teaches the evaluation and analysis of the energy use, carbon emissions and e-waste from computers and telecommunications in an organization. Students then learn to generate a sustainability strategy for IT, to reduce consumption of energy and materials, helping to reduce carbon emissions."


SFIA Foundation. (2015). SFIA 6: The complete reference guide. Retrieved from

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