Thursday, April 7, 2016

China Wealth and Power Conference in Canberra

Greetings from the Australian National University in Canberra, where the "China: Wealth and Power Conference" just opened. The conference is free to attend, so please come along.

The first presentation is on the "Geoeconomics of One-Belt-One-Road" (OBOR) which is a Chinese initiative to expand trade trough Asia, the Indian Ocean and Africa, to Europe.

Draft Program

9:00–10:30am Session 1
Jane Golley (Australian Centre on China in the World, ANU), David Murphy (Australian
Centre on China in the World, ANU) and Michael Wesley (Bell School, ANU)
The Geoeconomics of One-Belt-One-Road
Discussant: Premachandra Athukorala

James Laurenceson (Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI), UTS), Hannah
Bretherton (ACRI, UTS, not attending), Paul F. Burke (Centre for the Study of Choice
(CenSoC), UTS, not attending) and Edward Wei (CenSoC, UTS, not attending)
Chinese Investment in Australian Critical Infrastructure: Much Ado About Not
Discussant: Mike Callaghan

10:30–11:00am Morning Tea

11:00–12:30pm Session 2
He Wenzhen (Tsinghua University) and Graeme Smith (University of Melbourne)
The Good Life, the Good Man: Negotiating the (Chinese) Meaning of Work in the
Discussant: Lauren Johnston

Lauren Johnston (University of Melbourne) and Marina Rudyak (Heidelberg University)
Red Aid Redux: Reflecting China's Rising Foreign Aid
Discussant: Graeme Smith

12:30–1:15pm Lunch

1:15–3:30pm Session 3
Yao Yang (Peking University) and Jiang Shigong (Peking University, not attending)
An Anatomy of the Chinese Selectocracy
Discussant: Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

Mike Callaghan (Canberra-based Consultant, former Treasury official) and Brendan
Taylor (Bell School, ANU)
China’s Economic Rise and Evolving Role in International (Economic and Non-
Economic) Institutions
Discussant: Michael Wesley

Wang Tao (Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Beijing) and Frank Jotzo
(Crawford School, ANU)
Strategic Aspects of China's Climate Change and Low-Carbon Growth Strategy
Discussant: Jane Golley

3:30–4:00pm Afternoon Tea

4:00–5:30pm Panel Session: ‘China as Number One?’ Friday
9:00–10:30am Session 4
Andrew Kennedy (Crawford School, ANU) and Darren Lim (School of Politics and
International Relations, ANU)
The Innovation Imperative: Technology and Great Power Rivalry in the 21 st
Discussant: Jingdong Yuan

Peter Robertson (University of Western Australia) and Jingdong Yuan (University of
US Strategic Trade Control and Restrictions on Dual-Use High-Tech Transfers to
Discussant: Andrew Kennedy

10:30–11:00am Morning Tea

11:00am–12:30pm Session 5
Premachandra Athukorala (Crawford School, ANU) and John Ravenhill (Balsillie School
of International Affairs)
China’s Evolving Role in Global Production Networks and the ‘Decoupling’ Debate
Discussant: Ligang Song

Shiro Armstrong (Crawford School, ANU) and Amy King (Bell School, ANU)
The Economics-Security Nexus and China's Rare Earths Exports to Japan
Discussant: Peter Robertson

12:30–1:15pm Lunch

1:15–2:45pm Session 6
Christopher McNally (Chaminade, Hawaii) and Julian Gruin (University of Amsterdam)
Novel Pathways to Power: RMB Internationalization and the Prospects for a Statist
Monetary Anchor
Discussant: James Laurenceson

Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard (Copenhagen Business School), Paul Hubbard (Crawford School,
ANU), Zhang Linlin (Sun Yatsen University, not attending) and Cai Guilong (Sun Yatsen
University, not attending)
State-Owned Enterprise Investment—Economic Stimulus and Political
Discussant: Christopher McNally

2:45–3:00pm Afternoon Tea

3:00pm–4:00pm Summary and ‘Output’ discussion

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