Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Introducing the Internet into Australian Education 25 Years Ago

Recently an academic in Canberra commented that there was no Internet 25 years ago. I was surprised that they knew so little local history. By 1993, Australian universities were linked to the Internet by staff originally at ANU (Clarke, 2004).  Also in 1993, Michele Huston at ANU, ran a project to put ACT schools on the Internet (Huston, 1995).


Clarke, Roger. (2004). Origins and Nature of the Internet in Australia. Emergence, 4, 1990-1994. URL http://www.rogerclarke.com/II/OzI04.html
Huston, Michele (1995, June). Introducing the Internet into Australian Schools: A Case Study - The ACTEIN Program, INET'95 - the 5th Annual Conference of the Internet Society, Honolulu. URL http://www.isoc.org/inet95/proceedings/PAPER/202/ps/paper.ps

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