Thursday, January 28, 2021

Assessing for understanding: Person, Process, Product

Naoko Masuda, Alberta University of Arts , will speak on "Assessing for understanding: Person, Process, Product", February 1, 1 pm Alberta time). This is part of Manisha Khetarpal's Maskwacis Cultural College Microlearning Series (also I am speaking each week on "Engaging Students Online" in the series).

Assessing for understanding: Person, Process, Product

Assessment in the visual arts and design is complex and often over-focused on a final product that may or may not represent understanding and learning. By assessing the design process, personal reflection, as well as the product, assessment becomes more holistic and meaningful for students and teachers.


 Naoko is a practicing graphic designer, faculty member, and Associate Chair in the School of Communication Design at the Alberta University of Arts where she teaches graphic design, information design, and typography. Curiosity about how practitioners learn to become educators in the post-secondary art and design context lead her to study curriculum and assessment at the University of Lethbridge, where she is currently working on her graduate thesis. Her interests include curriculum design, practitioner-educator identity, and student engagement. 

 Cost: Free.

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