Thursday, January 21, 2021

Moodle Wiki for a Student Logbook

I have been looking at which online tools could be used for students to create a logbook to Show-Your-Work. The Mahara Journal looked promising, especially as it is usually installed alongside Moodle. However, this would still be an additional tool students and staff would have to become familiar with. An alternative which looks promising is the Moodle Wiki. This can be set up so each student gets their own. I have created a logbook template which can be provided in the Wiki.

My template has a paragraph of explanatory text, then sections for the student to fill in. The student could create extra pages if they have a lot of content. But I expect one page will do for a typical student. They just click on "edit" the heading for a week, and put in some content. 

The fill in the blanks sentences are adapted from 
James (p.43, 2005). The topics for each week are from the Australian National University's Techlauncher program (Awasthy, Flint, and Sankaranarayana, 2017). Questions for the Work Portfolio (Weeks 4 and 8) were suggested by Tempe Archer, ANU Careers. The idea here is to provide a prompt for the student each week to start writing and avoid presenting then with a confronting blank page. The students are asked to write about the activity set for that week and a specific aspect of it.

Jacques, Ouahabi and Lequeu (2020) refer to the use of logbooks in Google Drive for French first year first year engineering students learning online,  but unfortunately give no more details. Kumar, Silva and Prelath, R. (2020) mention not having a project logbook as a problem for studio based learning in a Malaysian course, but again provide no more details. 


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James, Alisa, "Journaling as an Assessment Option" (2005). Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education Faculty Publications. 78.

Jacques, S., Ouahabi, A., & Lequeu, T. (2020). Remote Knowledge Acquisition and Assessment During the COVID-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP)10. URL

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You can use this logbook to keep notes, plans, and drafts of your work. This logbook is not assessed and is not visible to other students. However, it can be used as supporting evidence that the work you submitted for assessment was your own. All entries are logged and timestamped by the system, so the examiner will be able to see when you made notes and prepared drafts of your work.


Your Name:

Student ID:

Week 1: Team Formation


Entry: The project is to ___ . My role is to ___.  

Week 2: Orientation


Entry: To successfully undertake my role I will need to learn to ___ . To do that I plan to ___.

Week 3: First Audit


Entry: The team managed to ___. To help with that I ___.

Week 4: First WPP Workshop


Entry: The key points from the WPP workshop were ___. The job I am considering is __ . So I will need to work on my ___ .

Week 5


Entry: One of the areas I need to work on with the teamwork is my ___ behavior. To address this I intend to ___ .

Week 6: Second Audit


Entry: The hardest part of the audit was ___ . This is because ___ .

Week 7


Entry: One of the skills I need to work on is ___ . To improve, outside the course I will ___ .

Week 8: Second Work Portfolio Workshop


Entry: Here is my unpacking of a job advertisement for the WPP workshop: ___

Week 9: Project Showcase Video


Entry: The main aspects to developing the video were to ___. My role was ___ . I found this ___.  

Week 10: Third Audit


Entry: I was able to help the team with the audit by ___ . This could be useful in my career ___ . 

Week 11


Entry: The team uses different forms of communication for different purposes. This includes ___ to ___ and ___ to ___. It could be improved by ___ .

Week 12 Showcase and Work Portfolio


Entry: My WPP needs more ___ . 

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