Thursday, January 21, 2021

Temporary Webinar Studio

Temporary Webinar Studio
As I visited Sydney during a COVID-19 outbreak, I will be unable to return to Canberra, for some time. So I have set up a temporary webinar studio in Sydney. To provide a neutral background, and absorb excess noise, I propped a mattress overlay behind a chair. 

The mattress is queen size and resting on two chairs. The chair I sit on is between them. This keeps the mattress in place and also curves it slightly, providing extra absorption of background noise from the side. I use a headset microphone to further reduce noise.

This worked fine for the first webinar in my new series "Engaging students in the online environment" in the Microlearning Series at Maskwacis Cultural College, Canada.

There are specially designed booths used for podcasting from offices, using sound absorbent foam. However, a simpler setup, with an  acoustic panel of the type used for office partitions, curved and mounted on wheels might work well in a shared office.

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