Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cloud Around Digital Technologies for Education

Greetings from the Second International Conference on Open and Flexible Education (ICOFE 2015), at the Open University of Hong Kong, where Prof. Niki Davis (University of Canterbury) is conducting a workshop on " Where are you in the global arena of change with digital technologies in education?"

For this we were provided with a diagram template showing "Davis' Arena" and then worked in groups to adapt this to our own educational environment. We had groups working on Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) and OUUK. There is a video of Prof. Davis speaking on "Why is the arena a metaphor for teaching?". Also there is a recent paper by Davis, Eickelmann and Zaka (2013) showing some of these diagrams.


Davis, N., Eickelmann, B., & Zaka, P. (2013). Restructuring of educational systems in the digital age from a co‐evolutionary perspective. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 29(5), 438-450. Retriened from

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