Friday, February 26, 2016

Training Police On-line

Helen M Lynch will speak on the "Distributed Content Environment" developed for the CSU School of Policing Studies, at the Australian Computer Society e-Learning Special Interest Group in Canberra, 5pm 11 May 2916.
"The distributed content environment (DCE) is a system developed and implemented for the School of Policing Studies, CSU, to customise, reuse, update and deliver teaching and learning resources in mobile ready formats to students, teachers and classroom. The DCE has wide application as it enables a truly “digital“ classroom and supports the use of mobile devices by teachers and students in and outside of the classroom. DCE enables the distribution of teaching and learning resources by harnessing a range of educational technologies that are common to most universities and TAFE institutions in Australia today.
The core technologies of the DCE are the digital object repositories and the online learning environment e.g. Moodle and Equella, as well as content authoring tools which when harnessed together create a seamless distribution of teaching and learning resources to a range of audiences.
This session explains the DCE and how it can be applied to a range of teaching and learning situations."

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