Monday, February 7, 2022

Being a Student is Stressful

Last week I spent many hours preparing for the tutor training course I am a student in this week. I went through the materials for the week, checked ever link, read the readings. But this morning it all went wrong. I had to move cities due to a family emergency, and had an ad-hoc video setup. Also my laptop had updated its software. As a result the video did not work. While I was trying to fix that I discovered I did not have access to the resources for the live interactive activities. Eventually I got the video to work, sort of. Also I found an arrow which took me on to the resources, so in the end it all worked out fine, and it was energizing to be in small groups with enthusiastic new tutors. But this again emphasized the main point I relearn each time I do such a course: being a student is a really stressful experience, where what seems to me  as a teacher is not obvious to the student, and small seemingly unimportant items take on a overwhelming importance.

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