Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Square Kilometre Array Project

Greetings from the National Library of Australia in Canberra, where there is a presentation on the Square Kilometre Array Project (SKA). Not to be confused with Ska Jamaican music of the 1950s, SKA is an international project to build a large radio telescope, part in Western Australia and part in Southern Africa.

The SKA has obvious industry spin-offs in advances in computing and telecommunications, as well a sensor applications particularly for the military.

There is an Australian SKA Office within the Department of Industry.  Unfortunately the Department's website has a number of problems. I found the web page very slow to load so ran the usual checks which I teach to students:
  1. Twelve validation errors,
  2. Mobile compatibility score of 0 out of 100: The web page has  3 critical, 5 severe, 1 medium and 5 low level problems,
  3. Web accessibility: 18 Known Problems.
These easily corrected faults in the design of the web page will make it harder to access and also may make the reader question if Australia can't design a web page, how can it build the world's most advanced scientific instrument?

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