Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alignment of School Curriculum in Technologies with Vocational Education

Recently I took part in a discussion of how to introduce young people to a career in IT. One point made was that this does not need to be via the academic path of high school to university. There is the alternative path of Vocational Education. But does the new School Curriculum in Technologies, align with the Vocational Certificates in technology, such as Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology (the CA20111), run by TAFEs and  Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)?

A few weeks ago I took part in a two day workshop to help implement the new technologies curriculum in Canberra schools. But there was no mention of alignment with vocational education, even though the Canberra Institute of Technology has facilities co-located with  one of Canberra's school campuses. The current school curriculum in technologies is for up to year 10 and it would make sense if the student could then undertake vocation training in years 11 and 12, either in the school or at a separate organisation.

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