Monday, May 12, 2014

Master-class in Technology Issues from Canberra's Schoolchildren

Greetings from the University of Canberra Inspire Centre where the first "Canberra Glass Meetup" is being held. I was very disappointed with the start of the event on the prototype "Google Glass" head mounted display, with not so good presentations from the USA. I then saw a Tweet from about eloquent school-kids in the parallel session in  the next room. I moved rooms and found one of the students explaining at length, what were the issues with Google Glass. This was better than any of the advertised presenters. We then heard from a local teacher. It is unfortunate the event was not built around this group in a Q&A session, then broadcast to the world. It seemed very odd to me to be invited to hear from international speakers on a topic who appeared to have less of a grasp of the issues than some kids from the local school (admittedly these are exceptional students with an exceptional school with exceptional students).

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