Saturday, May 3, 2014

Technology Projects for the Australian School Curriculum

At the "Byte Sized Digital Technologies", work-shop I am discussing aspects of the "Australian Curriculum: Technologies" with primary teachers from the public and private school sectors. We are in the TEAL room of the Inspire Centre of the University of Canberra.  Steve Blackburn from ANU is describing the Angry Birds Bootcamp run at ANU, teaching programming to school students.

I will be demonstrating "How Green is My Computer?", a version of which has been run live at ANU for school students. After introducing students to concepts of energy use and e-waste, I got them to use a power meter to measure the energy use of different computers and calculate carbon emissions. This exercise would fit with the sustainability topic in the technology curriculum. Also as this is designed to be aligned with the skills framework used for designing university IT curriculum, this should fit in with universities.

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