Friday, May 2, 2014

Religions Wars: Chrome-books versus iPads for Schools

At the "Byte Sized Digital Technologies", work-shop I am discussing aspects of the "Australian Curriculum: Technologies" with primary teachers from the public and private school sectors. One surprise for me was that students don't have ready access to computers. The computers handed out by the federal government are now obsolete and there is not the money to replace them. Some schools are implementing "Bring Your Own Device" with Apple iPads and others providing Google Chrome-books.

It seems to me that if teachers and students do not have reliable and available computers then a lot of money must be wasted in the school system on manual work. Implementing the technology curriculum would be a good way to start "flipping" Australian schools.

It is a waste and time and effort if each teacher in each school is teaching their class of students alone. As part of my studies in distance education I looked at the blended approach used in some remote Queensland and NT indigenous schools. The teachers at these schools teach students with the support of remote specialist teachers, using online materials. This blended approach would, I suggest, be a suitable model for all schools.

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