Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Helping Students Prepare Academic Plans Online

Recently the university where I am enrolled offered something called "DegreeWorks", with little explanation of what it was for. When I clicked on the link in there was a redirection, suggesting this is an externally provided service. I was then shown a list of the courses I had already competed, those in progress and what I was required to do to complete. This looked more useful than the usual separate display or useful so far and separate large handbook of rules and possible courses. However, I was not certain as to what I did next: do I start selecting courses and see if these fit the rules? Am I locked into the choices I make? Exploring further I found mention of "DegreeWorks" at North American universities and finllay found a product by the company Ellucian, offering a product called
Ellucian Degree Works., which I assume is what all these universities are using. It will be interesting to see how well software can capture and explain the complex t rules which universities have (and have imposed on them by external bodies).

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