Friday, August 6, 2021

Melbourne EdTech Summit, 17 to 20 August

 The Melbourne EdTech Summit is 17 to 20 August. COVID-19 has forced the event online, which not all bad news: it is free and you don;t have to be in Melbourne (Australia) to attend. Here is what caught my attention in the program (if you do nothing else, you must, at least, hear the keynote from Martin Dougiamas, founder of Moodle, 11:45am Wednesday):

Tuesday K-12


Keynote | Future of Student Assessment

Speaker | Geoff Masters, CEO for Australian Council for Educational Research
Moderator | David Linke, Managing Director of EduGrowth

What if the primary outcome of assessment was not a grade, but an estimate of the point an individual has reached in their learning? Assessment is a diagnostic tool, but too often it is treated as the end-point. This session will discuss how we need to rethink and redesign assessment to measure progression and inform teaching.


Using data to support whole-school wellbeing

Speakers | Richard Clark, Head of Secondary School of the Springfield Anglican College; and Nicole Archard, Principal of Loreto College
Moderator | Joe Thurbon, Co-Founder & CTO of Educator Impact

Supporting the wellbeing of a whole-child takes a whole school approach. The wellbeing of staff and students is interconnected. Hear from two innovative school leaders about how data helps them drive whole-school wellbeing improvements for their staff and students, both strategically and every day in the classroom.


New Tools – New Possibilities: Classrooms enhanced with technology

Speakers | Zoe Milne, Co-Founder and Director of LoopLearn; and Lauren Sayer, Executive Director Research and Innovation at Melbourne Girls Grammar
Moderators | Joe Thurbon, Co-Founder & CTO of Educator Impact

High tech, leading edge, bleeding edge! Can these things coexist in a K12 classroom whilst navigating student privacy, data sovereignty and data protection? Let’s explore cutting edge technology to support the modern classroom achieve all that’s possible.

Wednesday Entrepreneurship:

9:15 Listening to the Student Voice

Speakers | Michelle Demirel, Deputy Principal-Instructional Leader & Accredited Lead Teacher at Leichhardt Public School; and Kerry Weston, Principal of Guildford West Public School
Moderator | Nikki Bonus, Founder & CEO of Life Skills Go

Learner agency is important to ensuring engagement. The first step to empowering students is to listen. How do we ensure the voice of the student is central to learning and what role does technology and design have in supporting this pedagogy.

11:45 am Keynote | Hear from the founder of Moodle, an Australian EdTech success story

Speaker | Martin Dougiamas, CEO of Moodle
Moderator | Jack Goodman, Founder & Executive Chair of Studiosity

Moodle is the most popular open source LMS in the world and has got more than 110+ million users globally. Hear from Martin Dougiamas the founder who built Moodle into the renowned EdTech solution it is today. We’ll find out about the future of Moodle in this new phase of EdTech opportunity.

Thursday Higher Education:


Innovation in the institution
Speaker | Chris Campbell, Senior Lecturer Learning Innovation at Griffith University & President of ASCILITE
Moderator | TBC

As leading research institutions many of the greatest innovations in Australia come out of our higher education sector. But our TAFEs and Universities are also an incubator for technology to support teaching and learning informed by their deep understanding of the needs of students. This session will examine new ways that innovation can be leveraged beyond the walls of the institution.

Friday Skills and Workforce:

9:45am Keynote | The War for Talent: EdTech enabling industry growth
Speaker | Belinda Tynan, Provost of Australian Catholic University
Moderator | Claire Field, Principal at Claire Field & Associates

Job ready graduates is the goal. But what jobs are we preparing these graduates for? The jobs that exist today, the jobs we think might be there tomorrow, the jobs that we hope will be there. What is the intersection between education and industry in a rapidly evolving labour market.

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