Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Priorities for learning and teaching at an Australian University

 Australian universities publish policy and planning documents which are a useful summary of the thinking of their leaders. An example is the ANU Strategic Plan 2021-2025, published 29 July 2021. In terms of teaching and learning, ANU says it is aiming to deliver seamlessly in the classroom and online. Priorities also include learning from First Nations Peoples, contributing to sustainability, and being inclusive. However, there are some difficult decisions to be made to achieve these aims. As an example, ANU needs to provide the balance of resources for research and teaching. The university doesn't have an education school, or center, as a focus for research-informed learning.

"We will innovate in the classroom: research-informed learning delivered seamlessly across physical and digital spaces." (p. 2)

"Respecting, celebrating and learning from First Nations Peoples" (p. 4)

"Contribute to global environmental sustainability, through our research, teaching and operations by becoming a greenhouse gas emissions negative university through ANU Below Zero." (p. 9)

"Deliver academically rigorous, inspiring courses that are enriched by world-leading research and distinguished from other universities by their small classes, quality teaching and flexible, interactive delivery." (p. 19)

"Whether on-campus or online, the education and services we provide will be accessible to all, inclusive of ability and background." (p. 24)

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