Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Australian Climate Change Authority Final Report

Anthea Harris, CEO of the Australian Climate Change Authority will speak on "Australia's Targets and Progress", at the Australian National University in Canberra, 11am-1pm 29 April 2014.

First Climate Change Colloquium to Discuss Australia's Targets and Progress

This public event aims to bring some life to public debate on the question of Australia’s fair contribution to mitigating global climate change. In particular it aims to generate debate on the “Targets and Progress Review Report” recently released by the Climate Change Authority. The colloquium, which features Anthea Harris as the main speaker and a number of distinguished academics as commentators, will focus on four key scientific and policy issues: the global target for emission reductions (accounting for risks associated with targets and also scientific uncertainty); Australia’s fair share of that global responsibility; the economics of greenhouse abatement; and the path of international negotiations towards the 2015 UNFCCC conference in Paris. Panel speakers include CCI Director Professor Michael Raupach and Associate Professor Frank Jotzo from the Crawford School of Public Policy as well as Scott Ferraro from ClimateWorks. The ANU Climate Change Colloquium is a series of discussions that examines various scientific and policy aspects of climate change, featuring an expert panel of academics and practitioners. The colloquium is free and open to the public. Registration is essential, please do so at http://cci-colloq-antheaharris.eventbrite.com.au

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