Thursday, February 12, 2015

MOOCs Uncovering Unmet Demand for Teacher Education?

Writing in EDUCAUSE Review, Daniel Thomas Seaton, Cody Coleman, Jon Daries, and Isaac Chuang have found that a significant proportion of those participating in edX on-line courses are teachers  ("Enrollment in MITx MOOCs: Are We Educating Educators?", 9 February 2015). They suggest the teacher's experience could be used in the courses, as well as using this as part of using this as part of formal teacher education and teachers using content from the courses for their teaching. What the authors did not point out is that perhaps this indicates an unmet demand from teachers for further education. Perhaps further courses could be targeted specifically at teachers. Also it is not clear if teachers are enrolling in online courses for the content, or to learn or to create and teach such courses.

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