Friday, February 6, 2015

Public Library as a Learning Center

Greetings from the reading room of the
State Library of NSW. The library is a good indication of the future of higher education "learning spaces". Most books have been moved into basement stacks and replaced with desks for students. About one third of the desks are equipped with computers. I am at one of the tables without. This bench is abut 1200 mm x 3600 mm, seating eight students (two rows of four facing each other). There is a row of six double power-points down the middle of the table and desk lamps (which are not really needed).  Each student gets 900 x 600 mm of space, which is sufficient for a laptop computer (using the library's free WiFi) and a couple of books. The library also has some glass walled study rooms, which can be booked.

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