Wednesday, December 19, 2018

UK Sustainable Technology Strategy 2020

The UK Government has released a policy paper on "The greening government: sustainable technology strategy 2020 - sustainable technology for sustainable government" (UK Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, 10 December 2018). Government departments are required to report on green ICT efforts and e-waste production. There is a target of 40% government meetings conducted by e-conferencing (with no date specified for implementation. Also there is a target of zero e-waste by 2020. But there appear to be no targets for reducing energy use, or carbon emissions.
ps: Those who want to know how to estimate emissions and e-waste from ICT in an organization can take my course "ICT Sustainability". This will next offered on-line by Athabasca University (Canada)  in 2019, and ANU (Australia) in 2020.

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