Friday, December 27, 2019

Essay Writing Service Seeks to Market Through Academic Blogs

This week I had a curious email from an essay writing service proposing to pay me to promote their activities through this blog. From reading the email, and a casual read of their website it appears a legitimate business helping students. But on closer examination they offer to write whole assignments for students, admissions essays, and take multiple choice tests for them: "In need of a top-quality custom essay? Let our experts handle it! Our academic essay writers in Australia are waiting to help you with: Custom Essay ... Admission Essay... Multiple Choice Questions ...". Such cheating, plagiarism, and colluding, is dishonest and provides an unfair advantage. Unfortunately, while it is against the rules of educational institutions for students to make use of such services, it is not yet illegal in Australia for companies, or individuals, to offer or provide them. Perhaps a useful training exercise for cyber security students to find out as much as they can about those who provide these services, and a means of shutting them down.
"My name is ****, I work as a marketing assistant and outreach expert at ****.
I'm writing to ask if you would be interested in mutually beneficial business cooperation.
I would like you to consider two advertising options:
1) Sponsored post contribution, meaning we write a unique SEO-friendly article which corresponds to your blog theme and overall writing style;
2) Link insertion, meaning we pay for our link to be added in one of the existing articles related to our niche.
Let me your current rates for content publishing on and content requirements (if any).
Looking forward to working with you,

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