Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Nanny App to Remind Students to Study

Muztaba Fuad,
Winston-Salem State University
Greetings from Yogyakarta, at the IEEE TALE 2019 engineering education conference, where Muztaba Fuad, from Winston-Salem State University, is speaking on "Dysgu: A Tool to Keep Students Engaged Outside the Classroom". He characterised this as a nanny app, which checks a student's schedule, and if they should be studying prompts them to. As well as this killer feature, the app also allows the the instructor to monitor the studnt's enguagement. The app is built, and piloted, but it is a bit early to tell how well it workswith a large class. I suggsest it would be useful to be able to link the app to the Learning Management System's calandar, so the app would remind students as what they need to do, at a more macro scale.
"Abstract— This paper presents Dysgu, a mobile software to
facilitate skill generating activities outside the classroom. Dysgu presents an innovative approach to such out-of-class activities by combining multiple dimensions of best practices from different spectrum of student learning into a coherent idea and delivering such activities with personalization and adaptation. The goal of the Dysgu system is to study the impact of allowing students to perform frequent and interactive activities outside the classroom on their learning and engagement, given that students can compare their progress with the rest of the class and the activities are smaller (in scope) with scaffolding support, and delivered via a mobile platform. Initial usability tests and software engineering quality matrices show that the software is easy to use, manage and extend."

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