Monday, April 20, 2015

Equipping Teachers with Digital Skills

In "Equipping kids with digital skills key to future success" (The Australian, 15 April 2015),  Brenda Aynsley OAM FACS, President of the Australian Computer Society,  points out that free on-line courses are now available for teachers, to help them with the new Digital Technologies component of the Australia curriculum.

The course are run by the Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER), at the University of Adelaide. The next CSER Digital Technologies Course starts 1 May 2015, for those teaching years 7 and 8 (but others are encouraged to take part).

As I am a student of education, I have registered to take part. One of the most useful aspects I have found of such courses is to remind me (as a teacher) of how hard it is to be a student. Also it is useful for teachers to familiarize themselves with how on-line courses are run, as this will be the way they will teach their students in the future.

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