Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Australian Entrepreneurs Are Thirtysomething Male Graduates in Sydney

The "Startup Muster 2015 Report" shows that Australian startups are small businesses, made up of business people who outsource their IT. Perhaps there are opportunities for IT start-ups to specifically service other start-ups (an old saying is that to get rich in a gold rush sell shovels). Also there would appear to be a need for my innovation course so IT and business people, can work better together.

Startup Muster published their survey of entrepreneurs and startups in December 2015. The typical person surveyed (and presumably the typical Australian entrepreneur) is male (76%), has a postgraduate qualification (41.2%), is aged 30 to 35 (23.8%), born in Australia (62%). They had no previous startup experience (50%), were  previously employed in the technology field (27%). They went into a startup due to dissatisfaction with their job (33.3%).

The typical startup is in Sydney (44%) and was started in 2014 (48%). The business is abut B2B (29.1%) marketing (12.9%). The team of two people (39%) is working part time (51%) and have business skills (80.4 %) but are working on software development (72%). The team outsources (69%) its software development (64.2%) to Australia (50%). The team does not use an accelerator or incubator (75%), but they have a mentor (63%).

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